My Dream For You

To the two little girls that light up my life,

My Dream for You

Your sweet face represents so much to me.

It proves to me that there IS good in the world.  There is purity, love, and innocence.  There is joy, there is beauty.  There is purpose in this life.

I want EVERYTHING for you.  Every opportunity, every good gift, every dream to be fulfilled.

If there was a formula that would guarantee that your smile would stay on your face and in your heart, I would follow it religiously.

If there was a way for me to prevent you from getting hurt, feeling pain, having your heart broken I would lay my life down to make sure that I did…

But I know…

That if you shield yourself from pain, you may miss out on the joy.  If you hold your heart back from trusting others, you will never love fully and completely, and you would never experience the reward of giving of yourself.  If you make your goal to not fall down, you will never feel the exhilaration of running, skipping, climbing, or jumping in puddles.  This just can’t be.  I have got to set you free.

So I will do my best, to teach you well, love you well.  I love you with every ounce of my being, though I don’t always know exactly how to express that perfectly, I am going to devote myself to trying and pray that God gives you grace and fulfillment where my flaws leave a void.  That you grow to know not to compromise in areas that you shouldn’t.  That you know when to push yourself past what is comfortable, to buckle down and give with every ounce of strength and drive that you’ve got within you.  That you also know when to let loose; to laugh, to play.  I want for you to be courageous, daring, and bold about all that you believe in and all that you stand for.  But also to be compassionate and merciful towards those that surround you.  To have eyes that see the needs of others.  That when you make a mistake, you would only grieve about it for a moment, and then accept responsibility, apologize where needed, and learn from it so not to repeat it.  I want you to KNOW God.  To know Him personally and deeply.  To know that He is not a religion, a set of rules, a building, or even a person behind a pulpit, but that He finds joy in who you are, just as I do, and that His arms are open wide, just as mine are.  And where I falter, (and I will often) He is steady and consistent.  And where life causes injury, He brings healing that will equip you to be a conduit for healing in the life of someone else.

I know that there is so much more life for you to live, but for now… I’m going to hold you as close as I can, laugh about today, dream with you about tomorrow, and soak in every detail of your sweet little face.


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