If You Never See Me

Even if you never see me, I will still love you, deeply.

I will still give of myself, expecting no return

I will teach with my life so that you may learn

I will go the extra mile, though there are scars on my feet

I refuse to forget, but I will give grace for the choices of the past

and honor you with my future choices

You can’t earn my love… You have it

Like it or not, It’s yours

You may frustrate me, You may confuse me

You may push me away, But I will still love you deeply

And make no apologies for it.

I will love honestly, make myself vulnerable

And I am very aware of the risks.

But it’s all or nothing.  Here I am.

Even if you never see me.  Even if you look through me.  I’m still here.  And I’m still loving you.


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