What a Father Is…

Father.  It is a title accepted and claimed by many, but earned by few.  I didn’t know until I met you what this word meant.    I didn’t know that father means love.  It means kindness, gentleness, and guidance. It means caring sincerely and honestly.  I didn’t know that it means laughter.  It means soft kisses, bear hugs, rough housing, and kissing “boo-boos”.  It means reading books, watching movies, tickling and telling silly jokes, and teaching wrong from right with gentle and compassionate hands and words.  It means encouraging to success, cheering on the sidelines, and building up and pouring into the lives of your children with every part of yourself.  A Father’s heart breaks when his child cries.  Father means nourishing yourself and seeking healing where needed so that you can better nourish your family.   It means unconditional love.  A love that can never be broken, regardless of the wrong that’s been done, the words that have been spoken, or the mistakes that have been made.  A love that is at maximum capacity at all times, that doesn’t grow or lessen based on performance or pride.  Father means teacher, counselor, provider, and protector.  It means strength, security, character, integrity, and wisdom, and it is the perfect title for you to hold, and you are equipped for this role and possess all these qualities and more.


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