what I CAN do

I can’t be everything to everybody. I know this now, though I haven’t always.  But there is SOMETHING that I CAN do.  What that is may vary from day to day based on the limitations in my life at that time, but small or great by my scale, if I sit it out rather than giving what I can, I truly believe God will use someone else to fulfill His purpose.  It will be fulfilled with or without me.  Why not with me?  Why not with you?

Today I am not well.  At least by physical/physiological standards.  But I am still called.  Still created with a purpose.  Still a part of a master plan.  There is someone, somewhere that will be affected by me in one form or another. I would like to commit to that being a positive effect rather than a negative one.  I might cross your path today.  Maybe I am hurting.  Maybe I would rather be in bed.  But I may cross your path.  How will you remember that encounter?  Will you interpret my discomfort as disdain towards you?  Or maybe that I am rude or self centered?  Will you be better for it?  Or might you allow my frown and lackluster actions to well up inside of yourself and whittle down just a bit of your joy and spirit today?  Maybe as you are focused and wondering why I was so rude, someone else passes by.  How will they be affected by YOU?  Maybe they will think there is something wrong about themselves that created the frustrated manner in which you dealt with them.  Maybe you were one of many that day that also allowed their internal pain to spill over into their world.  Maybe, just maybe, this person had a greater pain than you or I, but we were too blind and too internally focused to utter a kind word that could have breathed just a bit more life into their spirit so that they may have the drive to “keep on keeping on.”

So… what CAN I do?  Even today, I can smile at you when we cross paths.  I can find SOMETHING to compliment about your character.  I can laugh at your joke, or give you a hug or a pat on the back.  When you are sick, I can care.  I can’t make it go away, but I can tell you I love you, I’m sorry, and I can stand in belief that healing will come for you.  It’s possible that I have been blessed financially today and though I physically don’t have a lot to give, my money might be a resource to serve and apply to that bill that you’ve not been able to pay.  Or to buy a few clothes for that little one that just won’t stop growing.  Maybe send some flowers to remind you that you are loved.  Or leave a generous tip that might just make someone’s day, or week.  Today I can drive courteously.  I can open a door for someone.  I can say THANK YOU.  Send a quick, loving text or email.  I can display an attitude that I would want others to have towards me.

I may not be able to run and laugh outside with my kiddos today.  But a quiet day of hugs and puzzles might be just what’s in store.  Rather than being bitter about what I CAN’T do, I can choose to embrace the moments of quiet and calm.  I can read books, cuddle on the couch, or color pictures today.  And that just might speak the message that my children need to hear.

Maybe tomorrow will be a little better day for me.  Maybe I will feel a little stronger.  Maybe then I can go… do.  Take you out to dinner, help you with that project, or maybe I can have the “umph” that it takes to give you a phone call and listen to what you are going through, and offer an encouraging word.  Maybe I can pick up that item at the store for you that you can’t get out to grab because your hands are tied with wiping runny noses and working on being everything to everybody.  Maybe you will see me at the park pushing my sweet one on the swing, throwing a ball, or playing freeze dance in our living room.

Or maybe tomorrow I will have to stay in bed.  But I determine to be thinking of you.  I will write a note, say a prayer, and just send positive vibes your way… and I will choose kind words regardless of how I feel.  I will love.  I will smile.  And I will enjoy this life that I have been given.

There is someone, somewhere that you are affecting.  Someone that you are influencing, someone who is replaying the words that you have spoken to them, over and over in their mind.  What is it that they are hearing?  Are they being inspired?  Are they being torn down?  Do they feel connected?  Do they feel rejected?  Are your arms open offering warmth or clenched tight against your body so as not to be vulnerable or taken advantage of?  Are your eyes searching for needs?  Or are they focused down at yourself, at your circumstances, at YOUR mountain?  You CAN do SOMETHING.  You ARE doing SOMETHING.  It is being said, it is being communicated.  What is the message that you are walking out, living out?  Someone is waiting to hear it.  Someone is listening.  So speak it well.  Speak it with purpose.  Speak it passionately, and choose your words and steps wisely.  Because today will be remembered by someone, and not a moment will go to waste.  How it is applied is up to you.


2 thoughts on “what I CAN do

  1. Great post. Thank you! I’ve had similar thoughts mulling about in my head for awhile now so you’ve inspired me to get it down this weekend. Amazing the power of a smile!

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