The Reality of Limitations

    We often preach on perseverance, attitude, and various methods of dealing with life’s problems & hardships almost flippantly… arrogantly…as if difficulties don’t really live up to their name.  We feel confident, solid, secure in the thought that we are “equipped”, and possibly even that if we were faced with someone else’s trial that we would be more capable and handle it with grace.  However, the nitty gritty part about limitations is that when you sincerely find yourself faced with one, you understand that they are a force to be reckoned with.   The pain, resistance and the emotional exhaustion that exists when a limitation is present is real, is uncomfortable, and is cause for pause, evaluation, grief, and acceptance.  The simplistic solutions and clichés that were previously touted, once in application begin to pale in comparison to the reality of the situation at hand.  The realization comes that I may not be able to pray them away, wish them away, or will them away. In spite of this, I still believe wholeheartedly that limitations & obstacles are meant to be defied (though I have learned not denied).  The friction that forms as a result of this defiance seems much like rubbing two sticks together to start a fire.  Out of continuous pursuit & steady endurance erupts creativity, innovation, and in turn becomes this incredible strength that extends your reach and tightens your grasp beyond what it ever could have been.  A life free of limitations, trials, and difficulties is not a formula for success, often times quite the opposite.  And though life is good, it is rich, it is fulfilling, it has not been issued to us under the guise of paradise.  The ugly parts exist.  They create pain beyond the boundary that we thought was our threshold, and entirely beyond our understanding or comprehension. USE THEM as a tool for growth.  Shape them into something that they were not originally intended to be.  Do not be defeated by them.  Fight them, and yes, never tire to search for solutions, but do not cower to them.  Don’t let the experience be wasted.  Where from a distance you may see a victim or someone who is weak…I might recommend taking a few steps back.  With these limitations, I’m gonna start a fire, & I have a feeling I’m not alone.


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