Been just a little behind on the blog wagon…

So, it’s been way too long since I have updated my blog, and of course there is so much that I know I could & should be sharing.  Because time is short today, (and to step away from my all or nothing tendencies of setting aside mondo amounts of time to write or not feeling like it’s “enough”) I thought I would just share a quote that I came across that I thought some of you might be encouraged by.

The quote is by Mahatma Gandhi, and it says: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

So those of you out there who are struggling today with a lack of physical stamina, keep this quote in front of you and dig your heels in a little bit deeper.  Not physically, but with a determined inner dedication to continue on, to strive to reach your goals, to learn to USE your weaknesses as strengths, to take care of your health, and to know that the fact that you are weak physically on this day has zero reflection on your true strength.  Keep on keepin on!


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