I had a dream last night

You and me in the warm sunlight

You smiled as you watched me dance

I sang a song and you clapped your hands

And we laughed, and laughed, and time stood still


I snapped back into a memory

You watched as he yelled at me

I saw a tear on your face

You turned your head and wouldn’t meet my gaze

And we cried, and cried, and time stood still.  For me.


Here now, in reality

You can’t even look at me

We talk only pleasantries

In your own world of make believe

And my heart, it aches, to hear from you


But here we stand

Side by side and yet miles apart

And though I long

I know you’ll never fill my heart

I am whole now

I can’t wait for you

Because time stands still no more


Isn’t life just a fragile thing?

We must hold it carefully

It’s all made up of yesterdays

Future seeming so far away

And we watch, we watch, as time goes by


Do you ever recreate?

Ever wish that it wasn’t too late?

Do you go back and meet my eyes?

Grab my hand and sacrifice?

Do you ever put an end

To the sickness that crept in?

Ever wonder what would have been?

What would have been?


Isn’t life so delicate?

Like handful of falling sand

But I still think it’s beautiful

And you know I’m going to spend it all

And I’ll live, and love, ‘till there’s no more. For me.