Salvation in the Sea

What was it about that day?

I saw the shore, but kept pushing away

I heard the voices of my past

Calling me home – but the ocean so vast

It pulled me in, it pulled me in

I didn’t understand what was drawing me in

Is it possible that I was aware

Of the potential for me there

I can’t explain what came over me

But I know that though I was lost in the sea

A part of me could see clearly.  Some part of me, could clearly see

I remember hearing a familiar sound

I looked back at you and started to drown

I remember that you were calling me back

I remember you there, were you scared?  Were you angry?

I woke up, became aware

The rope in my hand was keeping me there

If I strained to see it, I could see the sand

I remember the thought “open your hand”

Water over my head, and I couldn’t stand

I remember the fear of going back

Was greater than that I felt right then

I let go, I gave in

Why, and where did YOU come from?

Momentary relief, tempered quickly to pain

Drowning my soul, from the inside out.

You thought you were saving me.

But sometimes salvation means “let it be.”

Please just let me be.

My home and peace were in the sea.

That’s where my future was supposed to be.

You took salvation away from me.

And led me back to misery.

The embracing arms of misery.

Salvation it was in the sea.

Salvation was in the sea.