Superwoman arrived at my house today

Superwoman… according to my standards anyway

She swooped in this afternoon & took my sweet girl for a walk

She collected Roly-Polies, decorated sidewalks with chalk

After an excursion such as this, I personally would have been done

But not Superwoman, she felt great, and therefore errands were run

Balancing not one child’s demands, but two!!  And, doing it with ease!

Chauffeuring like no other, handling traffic was a breeze

As I watched her throughout the day, she was all I wanted to be

But, when I really looked more closely, she didn’t at all resemble me.

There have been so many times, that I wished she would be here

But upon her arrival, I am distracted with my fear

Fear that when I see her moving through MY world with grace

That at any given moment I will take her place

Having moved from grief to acceptance, I felt so solid yesterday

Then Superwoman stopped by & left my progress in disarray.


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