” But You Can’t Take My Voice…”

How to read this blog:

  • You are in the right place so far!!  I would recommend beginning by reading the ABOUT page, the INTRO, & the short blip on the main page titled “Roller Coaster”.
  •   blogs read backwards… the oldest post is the first one.  Mine is titled: “Dear Six Year Old Self” and was written on September, 7th, 2010
  • From there, feel free to read by section or at random!  I have various tabs to help categorize writing and make it a little more organized if you are looking for a particular subject.

Who am I:

My name is Aimee, and I am a mom, wife, mother, photographer, writer, and entrepreneur who has been battling a Chronic Illness for a number of years.   I have a mission to continue to live life and be well in the midst of this illness, and to work to find answers and share them with others who are suffering.  In my blog I also share bits and pieces of issues relating to emotional and verbal abuse that I experienced as a child and my goal to repair my mind, spirit, and emotional health and regain a balanced perspective as an adult.

I would love to hear YOUR story, and you can contact me at: youcanttakemyvoice@yahoo.com.  I believe that there IS strength in numbers and I know we can all use whatever strength and support that we can glean from others.  Please help make sure my voice is heard and help me give voice to the others out there in similar circumstance by subscribing to receive updates through email as well as sharing with those that you think might find this to be relate-able or beneficial content.  I have also begun a FB page under the same name (But You Can’t Take My Voice), so please visit and join in a growing community.  Below is just a little about my inspiration and purpose for this blog.

This is my journey towards healing.

I can take my experiences, and let the pain run deep, let it dig wells that turn into voids, give birth to wounds that create scars, then in turn cause a hardened heart within me and create callouses as I view the world; Or I can call the pain what it is, grit my teeth and face it head on, use every ounce of strength and every resource that I have to work through it.  Let it heal properly and completely, and use it as a tool of mercy and medicine for others.  My goal is to do the latter, and this is a part of my doing so.

In my journey, I (as have many others) have had many things forcefully and wrongfully stripped from my life beginning at a very young age and now through a life altering, chronic illness.  Along the road, however, I have been fortunate enough to have so many amazing people pour into my life and provide just enough of a thread that has continued to be the life line that I hold onto as I grow and move forward.

The Title, “But You Can’t Take My Voice.. is a violent and rebellious, internal outcry that comes from the sheer determination and commitment to the philosophy that my experiences, whether they be good or bad, Will Not Be in Vain, and that though there may be many obstacles to overcome, and my physical or emotional strength may be stretched or worn thin,  I will still use my voice as a tool to influence, relate to, and empower others in any way that I can until I have nothing within myself left to give.

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