Some Thoughts on Hope

Felt like I could relate so much to these thoughts on hope that were shared by a fellow blogger and sufferer of Chronic Illness.  Thought you might be able to relate as well.


Letter for a Darker Day

Dear friend,

I am writing to remind you that there are sunny days around the corner.  Even when the night seems to be endless, you have to know that day will inevitably come again.  Today is a beautiful day, which I thought would never come.  I almost gave up on this day so many times before.  I know that it will not last forever, and neither will this season continue to be a permanent dwelling place, but it will come again, and the glimpses of these days, these seasons, they are so beautiful, and so worth the wait.  Don’t give up.  Don’t lose sight.

I know that it feels that you have lost all that you are working towards, but it is all still waiting for you.  Yes it is true that the current opportunities and circumstances may change a bit, but new ones come, I promise you they do, and the loss is only a momentary feeling that quickly becomes a faded memory once you re-enter life again and begin to lose yourself in it.  That new day could be a breath away, a minute, a week, a month, or a even a year, but when it the day comes it floods your spirit and soul so quickly that it soothes and mends all of the places that felt so empty and painful before.  You will be even stronger then, more resourceful, more joyful, and more appreciative than others around you because you have learned to see the storm all the way through until the other side comes again.  You will share your experience with others, you will love more openly, and you will embrace every moment that life has with every ounce of your heart and spirit, because you honestly know and have a great understanding of how precious these moments are.

I know you feel that you cannot cry any more, that you are isolated, misunderstood, that you are forgotten, and even that you are a waste of potential.  But you are not.  You are like a flower that only blooms in its appropriate season.  You are still alive, still flourishing, still growing all year long.  Take care of yourself during the winter months.   Give yourself grace and nurture your spirit in any way that is necessary to prevent yourself from falling prey to your own destructive thoughts.  Fill your mind with memories, your spirit with encouragement, and your body with positive things.   Persist in seeking help in whatever form that you need, even if it can only be in very small doses, you are still moving forward and it will help you to be a little stronger when the sun comes out again.  Daydream.  Hope.  Rest.  Believe.  Your season will come again.  I promise you it will.

Don’t forget this day.  Don’t forget the breeze in the air, the clarity of mind, the sweet moments of interaction and connections, and the personal growth.  There are many more days like this to come.  You are stronger than you know, stronger than you ever thought possible.  You are an overcomer.  That is who you are.  That is who you have always been, and that is who you will continue to be.  So continue to do what you do best.  Overcome.  You will be grateful that you did.


With love and sincerity, from the only one that has truly walked in your shoes.