Deep Thoughts at Midnight…

Not much of a rhythm to my rambling, but thought I’d share the thoughts anyway…



We all run like we are invincible, and we don’t know why we are running any more

Day after day, invincible, and no one knows what they are standing for

Midnight strikes again and here I am, wondering if my yesterday’s were enough.

If my time was up, and you stack it up, would it carry on, if I were gone?

I am just a carpenter with tools and vision and hope to create something that will change the world.

We are all just trying to change the world.


Sitting outside on a quiet night, talking life and death and questioning it all

I held you close and told you it would be ok, that “time heals all wounds”

We remembered and we reminisced and I felt the breeze on my skin

I wondered if the life we live might be compared to that gentle wind

I thought of “God”, and how we define and decide what’s important to Him

How He’s who we’ve created in our minds eye, how we’ve interpreted the text

So complicated, so intricate, the beginning of many wars

But the thought – “God is love” in its simplicity and innocence made me ask what the fight is for?


If I am created by and for Love.

I will recognize and appreciate the beauty around me.

I will empathize with the pain.

I will use my hands to build a platform to reach higher, a boat to sail further, and I will go beyond the limitations that are merely the end of my scope and vision

I will push further, try harder, and the only fight I will fight is against the painful obstacles of life, against the walls of bitterness, fight to educate, to squelch the hate that rears its ugly head when ignorance is easier than understanding

I will say “fuck you” to the intolerance, the social stigma, the “mold” that is supposed to hold me so that I fit well with society.  I will *not* fit.

Shame on us for being comfortable.

If I am created by and for Love then

I don’t need your social pressure to dictate to me what is North or South, because I see you wandering directionless through the crowd, and I know that I can only follow my internal conviction and measure the truth against this one thing.

Like the wind on that summer night, the people who have come and gone from my life, the ones who have influenced, with honor, integrity, and grace –

Softly they danced, they floated, they traveled by, leaving Love’s sweet kiss on my face

The heroes are the gentle ones, much against our nature

The battle is not amongst one another at all

But instead is ours to internally master.









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